Simple Guide to keep track of your nutrition intake

Not sure how much meat or veggies you should consume each meal to be stay well nourished?

Over-eating or under-eating certain food not only causes you to not getting the right nutrition, you constantly will feel hungry and/or moody. There are so many types of food you can eat every day and it would be a great deal of headaches to constantly keep track of how much you should eat!!  

There isn’t one food that can provide all the nutrients your body needs. As a rule of thumb, eat a wide variety of food, all in moderation and in the right balance.


Use My Healthy Plate

My Healthy Plate serves a guide to help you plan a healthy diet.



Image sources: Harvard School of Public Health the Nutrition Source

For a medium size plate:

½ should filled with fruits and vegetables [Fibers, Vitamin and minerals for your overall well being]

¼ should filled with brown rice/ Wholemeal bread [Carbohydrate & starch for energy production]

¼ should filled with meat & Others [Proteins for muscle and tissues building and repair]

Follow it and you will achieve a well-balanced diet that provides the nutrients you need, in the right amounts, each day.


However, these guidelines are only suitable for individuals with sedentary lifestyle. Active people should eat more servings or portions adjusted according to their activities.

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