Constipation: 5 ways to relieve constipation naturally

Are you having problem to pass motion? Or you can’t even remember when was the last time you went to the toilet to do your business! If it is a YES, you might be suffering from mild to severe constipation.


Constipation is defined medically as fewer than three stools per week and severe constipation as less than one stool per week.  Constipation is a result of the slow movement of stool through the colon. Symptoms may include, but not limited to lower abdominal discomfort, infrequent or straining to have a bowel movement, physiological distress with having bowel movements. There are many causes of constipation, including medications, poor bowel habits (including not able to “go” in public or work toilets), low fiber diets, abuse of laxative, not drinking enough water, increase in age and etc.

But good news! There are treatments available for constipation.


1)     Drink enough water



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Water is vital for our survival. Not only it keeps us at the optimal body temperature, almost every cell in the body needs water to function properly.  Water also improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and helps digestion. As water act as a lubricant in the body, inadequate water often results in constipation as the colon pulls water from the stool to maintain hydration. Thereby, making it harder and difficult to pass. Solution? Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated.


2)     Eat more fiber


Fibre-rich foods

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Fiber helps keep your bowel movements regular, so eating more of it is a great way to both reduce constipation and prevent it from recurring. Some good fiber choices include consuming more leafy green vegetables, unprocessed grains, seed and nuts and kiwi fruit.


3)     Consume prunes


Prune Vinegar

Prunes are high in fiber and contain sorbitol, a stool-loosening sugar that naturally helps to relieve constipation. Sorbitol helps to draw water in the large intestine, thereby stimulating bowel movements.

If you don’t like the wrinkly texture or its unique taste, try our prune vinegar drink.  Our Japanese Vinegar drinks contain high amounts of amino acids, citric acids, vitamins and minerals that do not only help to relieve constipation by supporting our gastrointestinal health, it helps to lower cholesterols and reduce risk of hypertension.



4)     Eat yogurt


ITOH Probiotic Powder

Yogurt contains live bacterial culture (probiotics) that balance the good and the bad microflora in the gut and reduce the amount of time it takes for your food to be digested and move through your system.




 5)     Use tea

 black genpi tea

Tea contains natural ingredients that have a laxative effect and aid in softening stool. This is also one of the reasons that tea is such a good detoxifying agent. Not only it helps with constipation, tea has numerous benefits that are good for you such as antioxidants, anti-carcinogen compound, phytochemicals, anti-inflammation and vitamins.



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